Dear human beans,

      This woman here, is a self-taught artist in New England, US, pictured here with her personal assistant, yours truly, Tyke. She makes me do things whenever she's feeling lazy, like asking me to write this for her. Said something about wanting to draw instead and that I had free reign over what is said here.. hehehe the joke is on her! As I don't fully understand anything that revolves around the use of one having thumbs anyways so.. *shrug*

She claims she loves animals of all kinds.. I guess that's true but she has yet to come outside and hunt mice with me to learn from me what love really is. She has the joy, privilege and luck of raising three of us: My sister Tuffy, who went to sleep in 2016 at the age of 18, and my brother Zorro.

She was heartbroken after losing Tuffy to cancer. She then took me and my brobro in when we were sick little kittens that had no mama. So I guess she stepped up on that one. You could say she nursed us back to health but I still had many lives to spare so I was cool either way'.


Had lots of trips to the vet, (my favourite place, not) and two years later, myself and Zorro are now robust, healthy mama’s boys and the original muses for her pet portraits. But I'm obviously the more handsome of the two. 

I mean just look at my coat! It's furrrfect! ;)

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